K Y L E  D U B I E L
is a New Jersey-based filmmaker, photographer, and entertainer.
A B O U T  
I was 10 years old when I decided I wanted to be a filmmaker and started creating short videos with my friends. After they grew out of it, my passion for storytelling only increased and I continued writing, directing, producing, and editing short films, skits, and other short-form content. 

A young dreamer attempting to achieve YouTube fame. Photos range from 2009-2012.

To further my experience and completely dive into the world of entertainment, I studied Film & TV Production at NYU: Tisch School of the Arts with a focus in writing and directing. My debut short film ROMANCE FROM A DISTANCE premiered at the Golden Door International Film Festival in September 2018, and is currently in the throes of the festival circuit. 

Poster for my debut short film, ROMANCE FROM A DISTANCE.

While at NYU, I worked extensively as a wedding videographer and photographer's apprentice, which lead me to fall in love with event videography and photography. Additionally, I worked as a photo intern and set photographer for SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, which thrusted me into the world of studio photography. I even appeared in one of SNL Photography Legend Mary Ellen Matthew's famous bumper photos, next to Seth Meyers. 

Check out the Statue of Liberty!

All these experiences and more have shaped me into the artist I am today. My style of photography and videography is very similar to a documentary--I want to capture those small, candid, perfect moments that otherwise may go unnoticed or forgotten. I love scripted films, but there truly is nothing like re-living an authentic, special moment that you didn't even remember happened.